Questions and Answers

1. What are the aims and guidelines of the campaign?

The key aim of the campaign is to promote beef among potential customers living in Turkey. The promotional and informational activities will last 36 months and they aim at expanding the market for European beef, building the image of European beef through communicating its high quality, taste, and European standards of production.

2. Why was Turkish market selected to be the destination country for the Savor Europe campaign?

Turkey, which directly borders the European Union, has a lot of export potential. Due to dynamic trade situation, economic potential and positive business experience, Turkey was the key strategic importer of the EU beef until mid-2012.

3. Who is Savour Europe campaign addressed at?

The Savor Europe campaign is addressed at three main groups:

1. Trading Group, professional customers forming a link between European suppliers and final meat consumers. The group is comprised of companies and institutions directly or indirectly engaged in imports of beef and beef processed products, trade, business, and professional organizations associating entrepreneurs.

2. Opinion Leaders, whose recommendations and opinion have a direct influence on the perception of European meat and buying decisions of consumers. The group is comprised of media representatives and chefs.

3. Consumers, who make buying choices everyday, people interested in cooking, appreciating exquisite taste and quality of the products.

4. How can I find information about European beef and the campaign?

Complex information about the campaign is regularly published on our website The site provides information about all aspects of the campaign and about beef. During the campaign, all persons seeking information can contact our press office. Our representatives are ready to address any questions related to the activities implemented. Additionally, the campaign aims at providing regular face-to-face meetings and educational activities conducted in partnerships with Turkish media. In 2015, the Organizers and the Savour Europe experts will participate in World Food Fair taking place in Istanbul in September. During the Fair, visitors will have a chance to learn about the details of the campaign, talk to the experts, and try the products promoted.

5. What makes European beef stand out?

The most important element that makes European beef stand out is its high quality guaranteed by the rigorous standards of the European Union and strict production norms. The controlling philosophy reads „from field to table.” Thanks to strict production regulations and full monitoring of each production stage, we are sure that the quality of meat from the European Union is outstanding.

6. Do you plan any face-to-face meetings with the representatives of the Organizer?
If so, where can I meet them?

The representatives of the campaign’s Organizer and cooperating experts will participate in the World Food Fair taking place in Istanbul in 3-7 September, 2015. Face-to-face meetings with partners in Turkey are of crucial importance for the process of re-opening the market. The Organizer firmly believes that building the awareness of the European beef’s uniqueness and providing information about strict regulations concerning its production will translate into effective administrative activities that are indispensable in trade.

7. Can we expect long-term positive changes in lowering duty on beef imports from the European Union?

The European Union and Turkey have positive business experience in the beef sector and the best evidence thereof is an intense trade exchange between these markets from 2010 to 2012. We are aware that in order to guarantee a stable market situation we need long-term trade agreements. The EU has applied such solutions concerning beef exports from the EU to Brasil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Australia. The limits set are agreed upon for many forecoming years and the trade follows the market competition rules. Thanks to such solutions, the EU keeps a balance between the protection of interests of the EU beef producers and the interests of consumers that demand supply of high quality products in favorable prices.
In 2015, there were many positive changes in eliminating trade barriers for the EU beef. In the first half of 2015, the EU reported a growth in life cattle exports by 39%. Additionally, in the last quarter of 2015, Turkey guaranteed new tariff quota of 30000 tons of beef. The growing trust of the Turkish market representatives, full transparency, and high production safety standards of the EU are favorable signals for the development of beef trade. They are also favorable circumstances for the continuation of the Savor Europe campaign.

8. How can we sum up the first year of the Savor Europe campaign?

The key aim of the Savor Europe campaign is to provide the representatives of the Turkish market with honest, up-to-date, and complex information about the European beef – its characteristics, qualitative advantages, and outstanding flavor. In 2015, we planned to create a website dedicated to the project, to run a press campaign in the Turkish trade media, and to participate in the international WorldFood fair in Istanbul. The fair was also a time for additional meetings with the traders and opinion leaders. During the meetings, they learnt about the goals of the campaign.
12 months since the implementation of the campaign, we can say that we have managed to reach all the goals set for 2015. You can go to and learn about the European beef – see the statistics, read about the history of production, learn about the dietary facts, search for business contact details to the EU producers, and explore beef-based recipes. A press office was created and it is responsible for contacts with the media and the distribution of informational publications. Additionally, thanks to the press campaign in the Turkish media, eight trade and lifestyle magazines published information about the goals of the Savor Europe campaign.
However, the most important experience of the 2015 was a participation in the international WorldFood fair that took place in September in Istanbul. The event was crucial for establishing business cooperation, learning about the needs and demands of Turkish consumers, and building relations with the Turkish media. Face-to-face meetings of the Campaign’s representatives with traders and opinion leaders created an opportunity to present the qualities and flavor of European beef. According to the Campaign’s goals, in the following months the Campaign will focus on raising the awareness about the meat production safety in the EU and high quality of the products offered.

9. How can we summarize the second year of the ”Savor Europe” campaign?

The second year was intense and demanding as we faced a great challenge – we had to maintain interest in the subject of our campaign from the public opinion and the media. In 2016 we focused on distributing the information about the value of the European beef more effectively. We organized a study tour to Poland. 10 guests that represented the Turkish market had a chance to spend a few days in Poland and see the entire chain of the production process in the European meat processing facility. To deliver high quality information and to understand the specificity of the Turkish market, we established cooperation with the Polish-Turkish Chamber of Commerce. We managed to develop a trade publication entitled „Characteristics and development of the beef sector in the European Union in the context of trade cooperation of these regions and the exports potential of the European beef to Turkey.” The publication was sent to the Turkish chambers of commerce, opinion leaders, and the institutions. It presents the European meat market and all aspects of trade in this area between Turkey and the European Union. The representatives of the Turkish market positively assessed our initiatives. We hope that our efforts will bring positive results and will facilitate the trade between Europe and Turkey.