Agricultural Market Agency (ARR) was established in 1990 to carry out activities aimed at supporting and maintaining economic balance in the Polish agri-food sector. Since 1 May 2004, the Agency is an accredited EU Paying Agency operating under the European Union regulations.

Accredited by the European Union, the Agricultural Market Agency administers and implements selected mechanisms of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union in Poland. The Agency is supervised and managed by the President who cooperates with vice-presidents and heads of sixteen regional branches. The Agricultural Market Agency operates in accordance with the Act on Agricultural Market Agency and the Status granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Republic of Poland, as well as the Ministry of Finance.

The Agricultural Market Agency is responsible for fulfilling the following tasks: distributing funds to the agri-food producers, manufacturers, and exporters; monitoring agri-food production and situation on the agri-food markets; providing complex information related to the agricultural activities in the European Union; managing administration; and controlling the agri-food market entities.

According to the strategy, one of the activities of the Agency is the direct promotion of selected agri-food products and the coordination of the dedicated funds. The Agricultural Market Agency supervises the campaign Savor Europe and implements the Common Agricultural Policy in respect to its promotion.

The Polish Meat Association is a Polish institution dedicated to the meat industry entities. The Organization has been operating for over 20 years and it associates sixty large and medium-sized meat manufacturers and companies operating on the meat market. The Polish Meat Association is the only Polish institution associated in the European Livestock and Meat Trades Union (UECBV).

The aim of the Association is to create favorable legal, organizational, and economic conditions for the meat market in Poland to consolidate and develop. The Association’s aim is to professionally promote Polish products on the European and global markets. The main goal of the Association is to represent economic interests of the entities associated therein and to create and popularize code of ethics for business activities. Therefore, the Polish Meat Association contributes to the creation of conditions favorable for development and it actively supports business initiatives of its members.

The Polish Meat Association is a proposing organization of the Savor Europe campaign aimed at promoting and providing information about raw, refrigerated, and frozen beef and beef products in Turkey.