Organizers of Savor Europe campaign summarize the year 2017

The end of the year is always a good moment to summarize and analyze the entire year and draw conclusions. This year’s summary of the Savor Europe campaign opens a wider discussion about the results of the activities that had been conducted on the territory of Turkey since 2015. The representatives of the Polish Meat Association, the campaign’s organizers, briefly described the recent undertakings.

The third and the last year of the Campaign allowed us to verify the strategy that we adopted. In the first year, we focused on positioning the subject of the European beef and introducing it to the media and the public opinion. In the second year, we were popularizing this knowledge. For example, we published the brochure entitled „Characteristics and Development of the Beef Sector in the European Union in the Context of Trade Cooperation of These regions and the Exports Potential of the European Beef to Turkey.” It was successful, as in the third year we were perceived as experts in our field, a reliable source of information and reliable business partner. Basing on the experience of Food Istanbul and cooperation with the media I can declare that we gained trust of the Turkish opinion leaders and traders – says Witold Choiński, the Polish Meat Association Presidents, the Organizer of the Campaign.

It was a good decision to diversify the communication tools. During the entire campaign, we employed traditional channels, such as the website, mailing lists, press information, and press campaigns. Nonetheless, we attempted to have a direct contact with the representatives of the Turkish market. Thanks to the participation in the Food Fair in Istanbul and the study tour to Poland we succeeded in building strong relations based on face-to-face conversations and presentations of our offer. In 2017, we saw that these activities brought positive results. A positive assessment of our presence on the Food Istanbul, queues on the stand, and vivid interest of the media and traders prove that the European beef will be permanently present on the Turkish tables – adds Katarzyna Oponowicz, the head of the Polish Meat Association Office, the Organizer of the Campaign.