Organizers of Savor Europe Campaign Summarize Food Istanbul 2017

Food Istanbul Fair took place two months ago: from 20th to 23rd of September 2017.
It was a great event for the Turkish food industry and Savor Europe was one of the exhibitors thereof. The Polish Meat Association, the organizer of this incentive, summarizes the event, emphasizes the growing interest of the Turkish business partners in the European beef and the ever-expanding openness of the consumers. This valuable cultural and business experience served as a good prediction for the next year, when the Turkish government will open the free trade in the realm of meat.

Savor Europe campaign is a promotional and information incentive that aims at popularizing European beef in Turkey. The activities on the Turkish market commenced in January 2015 and they have been focused on establishing a beef trade platform. The Organizers planned to participate in two food events and to organize a study tour of the representatives of the Turkish market to Poland. Although Food Istanbul is the second event that the Organizers participated in, the interest in the stand and positive assessment by the businesses exceeded the expectations.

The participation in the Food Istanbul confirms that the activities that we have been conducting are welcomed. The lessons about the flavor and quality of European beef that have taken place for almost three years brought outstanding results – high interest from the media and business partners and numerous guests that filled all the seats during the discussion panel. If during the first fair we felt that the Turks are slightly distanced, today we feel that this attitude is long gone. Our efforts, our knowledge, organizational skills, and flavors were appreciated by the visitors – says Katarzyna Oponowicz, the director of the Polish Meat Association Office, the Savor Europe campaign Organizer.

When speaking about the effects, numbers say it all. During the fair, the Campaign’s stand featured live cooking featuring the European chefs who used beef in their dishes. Visitors had to wait in line, as 200 portions were distributed in less than twenty minutes. Other activities were similarly popular. The Organizers participated in almost twenty meetings with the representatives of the Turkish media who were interested in the campaign and its activities. The discussion panel about the European beef gathered over 30 participants who filled all the seats in the conference room. Every day, more than ten companies visited the stand in order to establish business-trade relations.

The fact that the representatives of business are interested in our stand is a sign that the Turkish meat market wants to cooperate with Europe and is ready for it. It is important now as the beef prices in Turkey are high in comparison to the income and the Turkish supply cannot meet the ever-growing demand. We are proud to present not only the high quality of our products, but also outstanding flavor, strict production norms, openness, and transparent cooperation with the European companies. After Food Istanbul, we are sure that the opening of the Turkish market is not only symbolic, but it marks the beginning of the new chapter in our business relations – summaries Katarzyna Oponowicz, the director of the Polish Meat Association Office, the Savor Europe campaign Organizer.

Savor Europe campaign will be conducted until January 2018. Visit our website to learn more about the project:

Savor Europe campaign

Savor Europe campaign aims at informing and promoting fresh, refrigerated, and frozen beef and beef products. The campaign is targeted at the Turkish market. The main aim of the project is to open the market for the European beef and beef products. Moreover, the campaign builds a positive image of the European meat by providing complex information about the products and conducting educational actions. The Organizers are focused on the following aspects: high quality of the European Union products and the strict sanitary and safety standards that characterize meat production within the European Community. More about the campaign on the website:

Polish Meat Association

The Polish Meat Association is a Polish institution dedicated to the meat industry entities. The Organization has been operating for over 20 years and it associates sixty large and medium-sized meat manufacturers and companies operating on the meat market. The main goal of the Association is to represent economic interests of the entities associated therein and to create and popularize code of ethics for business activities. The Polish Meat Association contributes to creation of favorable conditions for the meat market in Poland to consolidate and develop. The Association supports economic initiatives of its members. The Polish Meat Association is a proposing organization of the Savor Europe campaign. To learn more about the Polish Meat Association go to

Current economic situation of Turkey

The National Economic Strategy seeks to make Turkey the tenth world economy in terms of GDP by 2023 (100 years of the Republic of Turkey). The strategy is based on the growth of exports and cooperation with foreign partners. Today, the Turkish exports are valued at EUR 130 billion, but they are expected to reach EUR 500 billion by 2023.

Yearly, the economists emphasize high GDP, stable financial sector, and strong capital market. Since the beginning of this year, the stock market has risen by 30% and it is one of the best results in comparison to other world markets. In the first quarter of the year, the GDP was 5% and it exceeded the prognosis. The main problem is the inflation that exceeds two-digit numbers. By the end of the year it is expected to reach 9%. The prospects for the Istanbul stock market remain positive thanks to the attractive levels of assessment and a favorable economic situation of the emerging markets. The economic experts say that the scale of new orders is lowest since 2011 and the rise in production and employment is the highest. The dynamics of income of the Turkish companies is one of the highest among the emerging markets. [1]