About Campaign

Savor Europe campaign aims at informing and promoting fresh, refrigerated, and frozen beef and beef products. The campaign is targeted at the Turkish market. The main aim of the project is to open the market for the European beef and beef products. Moreover, the campaign builds a positive image of the European meat by providing complex information about the products and conducting educational actions. The Organizers are focused on the following aspects: high quality of the European Union products and the strict sanitary and safety standards that characterize meat production within the European Community.

During the first year of the campaign, we successfully managed to implement a series of activities aimed at promoting beef in Turkey. Cooperating with the media, an advertising and information campaign was launched in eight trade and life style magazines. Since July 2015, the readers of particular magazines had a chance to learn about Savor Europe campaign through advertorials, advertisements, and inserts. Additionally, at the beginning of September 2015, the Campaign’s Organizers participated in the international WorldFood fair in Istanbul. This is one of the key events for the food industry, which reflects current market trends and hosts premiers of new products on the food market. In order to build strong relations with the representatives of the Turkish market and to reach the educational goals of the campaign, the Organizers hostesd a press conference and a discussion panel that was attended by the beef market specialists. The effect of these activities implemented was a series of publications about the campaign that appeared in the Turkish press in 2015.

In the second year of the „Savor Europe” campaign, the Organizers decided to continue the activities focused on promoting and informing the general public about the qualities of the European beef. This year, however, they plan to directly present European system of meat production and profound the knowledge about the meat among the Turkish opinion leaders. In line with the strategy for this year, an advertising campaign will be conducted in a selected trade magazines and it will provide information about the outstanding flavor of the European beef. In June 2016, the Organizers were pleased to host in Poland 10 delegates from Turkey. The representatives of the media, trade organizations, and producers took a study tour to the meat processing facility, participated in the press conference and a premiere of a publication. The publication is the result of the cooperation with the Polish-Turkish Chamber of Commerce. The publication entitled „Characteristics and development of the beef sector in the European Union in the context of trade cooperation of these regions and the exports potential of the European beef to Turkey” is a detailed analysis of the trade potential between Turkish and European beef market and the source of knowledge about the European agriculture with a great emphasis on the meat sector. Since the premiere in June, the publication was distributed among 600 recipients in Turkey.

Formal trade relations between Turkey and the European Union were established in 1963 aiming towards the accession of Turkey into the European Economic Community (EEC). Since 1996, Turkey remains in the Custom Union with the EU member states that eliminates many custom barriers, but preserves certain duty and quantity limits for the farming sector. Moreover, Turkey is a member of many international organizations, such as: UN, NATO, OECD, WTO, WHO, IMF, Council of Europe, ILO, ECO, OIC, BSEC. Animal production sector in Turkey is characterized by small farms and home breeds of lower efficiency. At the same time, one may observe a growing demand for beef in Turkey, which results from the global consumption trends and a large presence of the tourist sector, among other reasons. Additionally, Turkey as a business partner has an extreme potential for business exchange. According to forecasts and analyses conducted by OECD, it is the fastest growing economy among the member countries, both between 2012-2017 and 2018-2030, with the results 5.1% and 4.3% Taking this into consideration, European beef of outstanding flavor, high quality, and strict production procedures is a product that meets the expectations of demanding Turkish consumers.